R Base Graphs

Previously, we described the essentials of R programming and provided quick start guides for importing data into R.

This chapter contains articles describring how to visualize data using R base graphs.

Creating and saving graphs

  • Creating graphs
  • Saving graphs
  • File formats for exporting plots
create and save plots

create and save plots

Read more: —> Creating and Saving Graphs in R.

Generic plot types in R

Read more: —> Generic plot types in R.

Scatter plots

  • R base scatter plot: plot()
  • Enhanced scatter plots: car::scatterplot()
  • 3D scatter plots

Read more: —> Scatter Plots.

Scatter plot matrices

  • R base scatter plot matrices: pairs()
  • Use the R package psych

Read more —> Scatter Plot Matrices.

Box plots

  • R base box plots: boxplot()
  • Box plot with the number of observations: gplots::boxplot2()

Read more —> Box Plots.

Strip Charts: 1-D scatter Plots

Read more —> Strip Charts: 1-D scatter Plots.

Bar plots

  • Basic bar plots
    • Change group names
    • Change color
    • Change main title and axis labels
  • Stacked bar plots
  • Grouped bar plots

Read more —> Bar Plots.

Line plots

  • R base functions: plot() and lines()
  • Basic line plots
  • Plots with multiple lines

Read more —> Line Plots.

Pie charts

  • Create basic pie charts: pie()
  • Create 3D pie charts: plotix::pie3D()

Read more —> Pie Charts.

Histogram and density plots

  • Create histogram plots: hist()
  • Create density plots: density()
## [1] 48.96467 56.38715 60.42221 43.27151 57.14562 57.53028

Read more —> Histogram and Density Plots.

QQ-plots: Quantile-Quantile plots

Use qqPlot() [in car package]:

Read more —> QQ-plots: Quantile-Quantile plots.

Dot charts

  • R base function: dotchart()
  • Dot chart of one numeric vector
  • Dot chart of a matrix

Read more —> Dot charts.

Plot group means and confidence intervals

Read more —> Plot Group Means and Confidence Intervals.

R base graphical parameters

  • Add and customize titles
  • Add legends
  • Add texts
  • Add straight lines
  • Add an axis to a plot
  • Change axis scale : minimum, maximum and log scale
  • Customize tick mark labels
  • Change plotting symbols
  • Change line types
  • Change colors

Read more —> R base graphical Parameters.


This analysis has been performed using R statistical software (ver. 3.2.4).

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