3D graphics

Previously, we described the essentials of R programming and provided quick start guides for importing data into R as well as visualizing data using R base graphs.

This chapter describes how to create static and interactive three-dimension (3D) graphs. We provide also an R package named graph3d to easily build and customize, step by step, 3D graphs in R software.

Simple 3D Scatter Plots: scatterplot3d Package

  • Install and load scaterplot3d
  • Prepare the data
  • The function scatterplot3d()
  • Basic 3D scatter plots
  • Change the main title and axis labels
  • Change the shape and the color of points
  • Change point shapes by groups
  • Change point colors by groups
  • Change the global appearance of the graph
    • Remove the box around the plot
    • Add grids on scatterplot3d
  • Add bars
  • Modification of scatterplot3d output
    • Add legends
    • Add point labels
    • Add regression plane and supplementary points

Read more: —> Simple 3D Scatter Plots: scatterplot3d Package.

Advanced 3D Graphs: plot3D Package

  • Install and load plot3D package
  • Prepare the data
  • Scatter plots
    • Basic scatter plot
    • Change the type of the box around the plot
    • Change the color by groups
    • Change the position of the legend
    • 3D viewing direction
    • Titles and axis labels
    • Tick marks and labels
    • Add points and text to an existing plot
  • Line plots
    • Add confidence interval
    • 3D fancy Scatter plot with small dots on basal plane
    • Regression plane
  • text3D: plot 3-dimensionnal texts
  • text3D and scatter3D
  • 3D Histogram
  • scatter2D: 2D scatter plot
  • text2D
  • Interactive plot

Read more: —> Advanced 3D Graphs: plot3D Package.

Interactive 3D Scatter Plots

  • Install and load required packages
  • Prepare the data
  • The function scatter3d
  • Basic 3D scatter plots
  • Plot the points by groups
    • Default plot
    • Remove the surfaces
    • Add concentration ellipsoids
    • Change point colors by groups
  • Axes
    • Change axis labels
    • Remove axis scales
    • Change axis colors
  • Add text labels for the points
  • Export images
3d scatter plot rgl

3d scatter plot rgl

Read more: —> Interactive 3D Scatter Plots.

Guide to RGL 3D Visualization System

  • Install the RGL package
  • Load the RGL package
  • Prepare the data
  • Start and close RGL device
  • 3D scatter plot
    • Basic graph
    • Change the background and point colors
    • Change the shape of points
  • rgl_init(): A custom function to initialize RGL device
  • Add a bounding box decoration
  • Add axis lines and labels
  • Set the aspect ratios of the x, y and z axes
  • Change the color of points by groups
  • Change the shape of points
  • Add an ellipse of concentration
  • Regression plane
  • Create a movie of RGL scene
  • Export images as png or pdf
  • Export the plot into an interactive HTML file
  • Select a rectangle in an RGL scene
  • Identify points in a plot
  • R3D Interface
  • RGL functions
    • Device management
    • Shape functions
    • Scene management
    • Setup the environment
    • Appearance setup
    • Export screenshot
    • Assign focus to an RGL window
RGL movie 3d

RGL movie 3d

Read more —> Guide to RGL 3D Visualization System.


This analysis has been performed using R statistical software (ver. 3.2.4).

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