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  1. File format
RSTHDA / R Web is an online statistical tool for data analysis and plotting with R. The GUI is intuitive and easy to use without any installation in your computer. RSTHDA use R statistical environment.

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-file-format">File format</h2>

RSTHDA web tool supports only .txt tabulation or .csv file formats. Before uploading your data in RSTHDA, it must be checked using the following guidelines :

  1. Supported file formats : .txt tabulation or .csv files
  2. The columns of your data are variables and rows are individuals or samples
  3. Don't use special characters or spaces in column or row names. Replace all spaces in column or row names by underscore "_". Examples of good column names : name_1 | name_2 | name_3. Examples of bad column names : name 1 | name 2 | name 3
  4. Decimal separator should be a dots (".") and not commas (",")
  5. Maximum file size allowed per upload : 5MB

An example of supported file format is shown below :

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