[RWSTHDA-1.1] - Quickstart

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-registration">Registration</h2>

You must be a member of STHDA web site to use RWSTHDA software.

To register click here

After registration, login with your credentials.

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-use-rwsthda">Use RWSTHDA</h2>

To access to RWSTHDA software click here.

(Click to enlarge)

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-overview-of-rwsthda-software">Overview of RWSTHDA software</h2>

RWSTHDA has a console to run the R script and a graphical interface to make many analysis and graphics.

The software features are shown in the video below :

(Click to see the tutorial)

RWSTHDA software has several tabs described below :

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-settings">Settings</h3>

This tab allows you to modify the software options including the theme.

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-file">File</h3>

This tab allows you to add and delete files.

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-analysis">Analysis</h3>

  1. Factor Analysis
    • PCA - Principal Component Analysis
    • CA - Correspondence Analysis
    • MCA - Multiple Correspondance Analysis
  2. Survival
    • Kaplan-Meier
    • Maxstat
    • Cox model
  3. Correlation
    • Correlation test
    • Correlation matrix

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-graphiques">Graphiques</h3>

The graphics are interactively made ​​by RWSTHDA software using ggplot2 package.

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-statistics">Statistics</h3>

  1. Descriptive statistics
    • Description of data table
    • Description of numeric variable
  2. Comparison of means
    • One sample Student test
    • Independent samples Student test
    • Paired Student test
    • ANOVA
  3. Non-parametric tests
    • Independent samples Wilcoxon test
    • Paired samples Wilcoxon test
  4. Two variances F-test
  5. Chi-square test and exact Fisher test
  6. Shapiro-Wilk test of normality

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-change-rwsthda-theme">Change RWSTHDA theme</h2>

Several themes are available for RWSTHDA software.

To change the theme, click Settings -> Themes -> select the prefered theme

(Cliquer pour voir le tutoriel)

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-submit-r-script-using-rwsthda-console">Submit R script using RWSTHDA console</h2>

To do this, simply write your script in the console and then click on send.

To draw a graph, you must use the following procedure:

Code R :

You can also use R jpeg function.

The graphics script should definitely be of the form :
Code R :


Code R :

(Click to see the tutorial)

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