How to contribute to STHDA web site

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-share-your-knowledge">Share your knowledge</h2>

If you have a particular knoweledge (in statistics, data analysis, data visualization, any other fields in science) or news to share, we offer the possibility to post on this web site and to share it with the thousands of STHDA visitors.

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-how-to-share">How to share ?</h2>

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-registration">Registration</h3>

Firstly you have to registry as a member of STHDA site. This step takes only 30 secondes, so click here.

Then log in with your username and password...

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-go-to-your-contribution-page">Go to your contribution page</h3>

As a member , you have several advantages. You have , among others, a contribution page.

This panel is only accessible after connection. Just go to your profile page to see it. To do this :

Click on the image marked by , at the top of this page

Then click on "contribution panel" . The URL looks like this (see the image below) : "".

This panel allows you to publish articles, news, free file or software to download and media file.

To submit a contribution , simply click on the desired module.

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-track-your-contributions">Track your contributions</h3>

By returning to your "contribution panel", you can see your contribution and you can track its status.
Your post will be firstly validated by STHDA team and then it will be available online

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