ggplot2.multiplot : Put multiple graphs on the same page using ggplot2


ggplot2.multiplot is an easy to use function to put multiple graphs on the same page using R statistical software and ggplot2 plotting methods. This function is from easyGgplot2 package.

Install and load easyGgplot2 package

easyGgplot2 R package can be installed as follow :

install_github("easyGgplot2", "kassambara")

Load the package using this R code :



# data.frame
df <- ToothGrowth
# Custom box plot with centered dot plot
plot1<-ggplot2.boxplot(data=df, xName='dose',yName='len',
                addDot=TRUE, dotSize=1, showLegend=FALSE)
# Custom dot plot with centered dot plot
plot2<-ggplot2.dotplot(data=df, xName='dose',yName='len',
# Custom strip chart with centered dot plot
plot3<-ggplot2.stripchart(data=df, xName='dose',yName='len',
                      groupName='dose', showLegend=FALSE)
# Notched box plot
plot4<-ggplot2.boxplot(data=df, xName='dose',yName='len',
# Multiple graphs on the same page
ggplot2.multiplot(plot1,plot2,plot3,plot4, cols=2)

Data visualization using ggplot2 : tutorial on how to put multiple graphs on the same page

ggplot2.multiplot function


Put multiple graphs on the same page


ggplot2.multiplot(..., plotlist=NULL, cols=2)


Arguments Descriptions
…, plotList List of ggplot2 objects separated by a comma. (e.g: plot1, plot2, plot3)
cols Number of columns in layout

Easy ggplot2 ebook

Note that an eBook is available on easyGgplot2 package here.

By Alboukadel Kassambara

Copyright 2014 Alboukadel Kassambara. All rights reserved.

Published by STHDA (

September 2014 : First edition.

Licence : This document is under creative commons licence (

Contact : Alboukadel Kassambara


This analysis was performed using R (ver. 3.1.0), easyGgplot2 (ver 1.0.0) and ggplot2 (ver 1.0.0).

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