Download and install RQuery

To use RQuery, you have two options :

<ol class="bb_ol">
<li class="bb_li">Using RQuery online
</li><li class="bb_li">Using RQuery on your own computer

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-using-rquery-functions-online">Using RQuery functions online </h2>

RQuery functions are easy to use online through RQuery-Studio, without installing anything on your own computer.

RQuery-Studio is a web server on which R & RQuery are already installed including all required R packages. RQuery-Studio integrates RStudio and you can easly access to R onine as if you were on your own computer

To use RQuery online, you just have to create your RQuery-Studio account and to login. For this click here

<h2 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-2" id="paragraph-installing-rquery-on-your-computer">Installing RQuery on your computer</h2>

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-have-the-right-tools">Have the right tools</h3>

<ol class="bb_ol">
<li class="bb_li">Subscrive to this site and log into your member area
</li><li class="bb_li">Download and install R by clicking here
</li><li class="bb_li">Download RQuery here and save it.

<h3 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-3" id="paragraph-start-and-configure-r-to-use-rquery">Start and configure R to use RQuery</h3>

Follow the steps below:

<h4 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-4" id="paragraph-step-1-start-r">Step 1: Start R</h4>

Windows: Start -> All Programs -> R.
MACOS X: Click on R icon in the Applications folder.
Linux: Open shell and type R then press the Enter key.

<h4 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-4" id="paragraph-step-2-import-rquery-environment-in-r">Step 2: Import RQuery environment in R</h4>

Windows: File->Source R code -> specify RQuery-windows.r file path, you downloaded

Mac: File-> Source File ->specify RQuery-mac.r file path, you downloaded

Linux: Use the source command from R console. This command can also be used on Windows and Mac

Code R :
source("Indicate the absolute path to RQuery-xxx.r")

<h4 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-4" id="paragraph-step-3-install-the-r-packages-required-for-rquery">Step 3: Install the R packages required for RQuery </h4>

You just have to use the function rquery.checkEnv included in the RQuery-xxx.r file. An internet connection is required.

Type this command line in R :

Code R :

rquery.checkEnv install automatically all R packages require to use RQuery.

During the installation process, a window will appear asking you to select a mirror site from which R packages will be downloaded. Preferably select your contry. The selected country will only influence the download speed.

The installation process may take 2-5min depending on your internet connection.

If you use Linux OS, it is necessary to install rgl package from linux console (not from R console) in order to make 3D graphics.

The code is :
Code BASH :
apt-get install r-cran-rgl

<h4 class="formatter-title wiki-paragraph-4" id="paragraph-etape-4-your-turn">Etape 4: Your turn</h4>

It's your turn now to follow the various tutorials on RQuery

If you have any questions, please ask them on the forum

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