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blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown

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This book introduces the blogdown R package to create websites using R Markdown and Hugo. There are two major highlights of blogdown:

1) It produces a static website, meaning the website only consists of static files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images, etc. You can host the website on any web servers. The website does not require server-side scripts such as PHP or databases like WordPress does.

2) The website is generated from R Markdown documents. This brings a huge amount of benefits, especially if your website is related to data analysis or (R) programming. Being able to use Markdown implies simplicity and more importantly, portability (e.g., you are giving yourself the chance to convert your blog posts to PDF and publish to journals or even books in the future).

R Markdown gives you the benefits of dynamic documents — all your results, such as tables, graphics, and inline values, can be computed and rendered dynamically from R code, hence the results you present on your website are more likely to be reproducible.

Author: Yihui Xie, Amber Thomas, Alison Presmanes Hill