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R Markdown for the Enterprise

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R Markdown for the Enterprise
This blog post shows how helpful can be R Markdown for the enterprise needs. R Markdown combines the creation and sharing steps.

Three requests can be satisfied using the following features of R Markdown:

1) Break out the reports - Using R Markdown’s Parameterized Reports feature, we can easily create documents for each required segment.

2) Automate the file creation - R Markdown can be run from code, so a separate R script can iteratively run the R Markdown and pass a different parameter for each iteration.

3) Create the slides inside R - Take advantage of R Markdown Presentation output to create a slide deck. Without having to learn a new scripting language, we can code the slide deck and use the same Parameter feature to automate its creation.

4) Keep the interactivity - In many cases, the end user needs a level of interactivity with the report. This interactivity can be achieved by using htmlwidgets inside the R Markdown document. For example, the Leaflet widget can be used for interactive maps, the Data Table widget for interactive tables, and the dygraphs widget for interactive time series charting.