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jamovi: a Spreadsheet for R

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The jamovi project aims to make R and its ecosystem of analyses accessible to this large body of users.

jamovi provides a familiar, attractive, interactive spreadsheet with the usual spreadsheet features: data-editing, filtering, sorting, and real-time recomputation of results.

Significantly, all analyses in jamovi are powered by R, and are available from CRAN. Additionally, jamovi can be placed in 'syntax mode', where the underlying R code for each analysis is produced, allowing for a seamless transition to an interactive R session.

We believe that jamovi represents a significant opportunity for the authors of R packages. With some small modifications, an R package can be augmented to run inside of jamovi, allowing R packages to be driven by an attractive user-interface (in addition to the normal R environment).

This makes R packages accessible to a much larger audience, and at the same time provides a clear pathway for users to migrate from a spreadsheet to R scripting.

This talk introduces jamovi, introduces its user-interface and feature set, and demonstrates the ease with which R packages can be augmented to additionally support the interactive spreadsheet paradigm.

Source: useR 2017