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FactoInvestigate R Package: Automatic Reports and Interpretation of Principal Component Analyses

FactoInvestigate makes it easy to generate an automatic report and interpretation of FactoMineR - based principal compoent analyses. The main function provided by the package is the function Investigate(), which can be used to create either a Word, PDF or a HTML report.

The report include the:

  • detection of existing outliers,
  • identification of the major first principal components,
  • plots,
  • description of dimensions

Install and load Required packages

install.packages("FactoMineR", "FactoInvestigate")

Demo examples

# Load Packages
# Principal component analyses
res.pca <- PCA(decathlon, quanti.sup = 11:12, quali.sup = 13, graph = FALSE)
Investigate(res.pca, file = "PCA.Rmd", document = "pdf_document", 
            parallel = TRUE)
# Correpondance analysis
data(children) = CA(children, row.sup = 15:18, col.sup = 6:8, graph = FALSE)
Investigate(, file = "CA.Rmd", document = "html_document")
# Multiple correspondance analysis
res.mca = MCA(tea, quanti.sup = 19,quali.sup = 20:36, graph = FALSE)
Investigate(res.mca, file = "MCA.Rmd", document = c("word_document", "pdf_document"))

The output looks like this: