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The win and lay bet rating summary for each race is graphically displayed so that you can see in an instant the best races to play. The higher the bar the greater the chance that you will be increasing your bank balance from a winning selection or selections. All our members play with BetBubbles choosing to lay according to the market values. Compare our own prices with that of the Racing Post, the online bookmakers and the Betfair market and then take advantage. There are plenty of value bets to be had each day.

Our ratings and rating+ are shown graphically.

The individual rating is calculated from the following information:
• 5 lines of raw form over the race distance.
• 5 lines of sectional data
• The dogs recent performance
• Its raw form data
• Its age
• Its 1st bend calculated position
• Its calculated end time
• Its calculated end position
• Its grade
• Plus many other race winning factors

The rating+ value is based on the runners best recent race time.


There will be up to 5 lay bets per day with the aim to provide selections that should be at acceptable odds on Betfair. The source of the predicted odds is the Racing Post form guide and as such is taken only as a guide to the market. Statistically we aim to provide lay bets with odds of less than 7/2 but as Betfair is a punter v punter market, on occasions, the odds available do not reflect the Racing Post price guide and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for the odds that are available at the time you wish to strike your lay bet. The daily lay bets will comprise of greyhounds who have the highest lay bet ratings from the 6 BAGS/BEGS cards whose Racing Post forecast price is 7/2 or less. The lay bet rating is generated from a combination of the win bet rating, the race spread and the rating difference between the 4th/5th and 6th placed greyhounds.

Use our ratings to determine the race improvers. We are in backing dogs that are improving and running into form. Therefore, if the shape of the graph is upwards then the ratings for the dog are improving.

A classic example of when to back a certain 1st bend leader. We are firm believers that, at the majority of race tracks, the 1st bend leader will either win or be placed. This is most apparent in the lower grades when the dogs won’t have the ability to catch up.

In this race, the grader has given every runner the chance to have a crack at winning, with the possibility of dogs clashing at the bend kept to a minimum. With all runners being consistent from the boxes, no 1st bend trouble is expected.

Most of the runners have similar sectional start times and hence the chances of 1st bend trouble have increased. If you are backing a dog to win or lose you need to know if it will get a run around the first bend. With the chances of 1st bend trouble increase it decreases your confidence in the greyhound running to its expected level of form. Races with a high probability of 1st bend trouble are probably best left alone.

For win bets, take the highest rated greyhound with a win bet rating over 80. We recommend a combination forecast when the top two highest rated greyhounds have a difference in rating greater the 5 between pos 2 and pos 3. This shows that the 1st/2nd placed greyhounds are ahead of the field. Our forecast odds are based on the race win bet rating. For a MAX selection our odds will be 6/4. The race spread is on a scale from 1-10, 10 being ‘strung out’, 1 being a forecast tight finish.
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