Plot One Variable - X, Continuous

Visualize distributions.

Density plot

Empirical cumulative density function

Histogram plot

QQ Plots

Plot Two Vriables - X and Y, Discrete X and Continuous Y

Visualize data distributions by groups.

Bar plot

Box plot

Donut chart

Cleveland's Dot Plots

Dot plot

Visualizing Error

Line plot

Pie chart


Violin plot

Plot Two Continuous Variables

Scatter plots

Scatter plot

Scatter Plot with Marginal Histograms

Add Correlation Coefficients with P-values to a Scatter Plot

Add Stars to a Scatter Plot

Plot Paired Data

Paired data

Plot Paired Data

Comparing Means and Adding p-values

Comparison of Means

Add Mean Comparison P-values to a ggplot

Add Manually P-values to a ggplot

Plot Tables and Paragraphs

Draw a Paragraph of Text

Draw a Textual Table

Create a Text Graphical object

Contingency table

Ballon plot


Plotting data obtained from genomic data analyses.

MA-plot from means and log fold changes


Publication ready theme

Create a ggplot with Transparent Background

Graphical Parameters

Change graphical parameters such as, titles, legend, colors, axis limits, scale transformation (log, sqrt), axis ticks and plot orientation (vertical, horizontal).

Change Axis Scale: log2, log10 and more

Change ggplot Panel Background Color

Set ggplot Panel Border Line

Change the Appearance of Titles and Axis Labels

Extract Legends from a ggplot object

Graphical parameters

Set Gradient Color

Add Grids to a ggplot

Rotate Axes Text

Rotate a ggplot Horizontally

Remove a ggplot Component

Set Color Palette

Line types available in R

Point shapes available in R

Arrange and Export Multiple ggplots

Annotate Arranged Figure

Add Background Image to ggplot2

Arrange Multiple ggplots

Export ggplots


Add Summary Statistics onto a ggplot.

Storing grid.arrange() arrangeGrob() and plots

Facet a ggplot into Multiple Panels

Generate Color Palettes

Add Summary Statistics or a Geom onto a ggplot


Differential gene expression analysis results

Gene Citation Index


Descriptive statistics by groups

Objects exported from other packages

Plot convex hull of a set of points

Plot confidence ellipses.

Draw group mean points