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On 02/04/2019 at 21h33
I was looking over the page on how to change the legends in ggplot2 and was dismayed (but, not in a terrible way) at the quality of the figures. In all the journals where i publish, they prefer black and white, and a white background without a grid. Yet, the figures on that page all had the default gray-grid background in ggplot2 (and it is beyond me why that would be the default) along with bad colors. I know, I know, they were illustrative of legends, not the figures itself. But, if I were writing a page on how to make great figures, I would make the figures that would be acceptable by the vast majority of journals - or explain which journals accept such ugly figures. So, I looked over the book, R Graphics Essentials, and in the sample I was able to read, all the figures had the default ggplot2 background. My first task, were I to buy such a book, would be to follow the lead of cowplot and get rid of the grey-grid background!

I suppose just adding cowplot to R, and then making graphs works that out for me. But, it should be one of the first details brought up. Especially how to make great data visualization.
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